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South Park Business Association - Story

The SPBA Story

The South Park Business Association was first formed as the Greater South Park Association in 1980 in response to the City of Seattle’s neighborhood plan for the area. The group actively participated in the planning process, which eventually led to the first South Park Neighborhood Plan.


That group was loosely active, addressing issues as they occurred, until 1996 when it was incorporated as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation – the designation for a business association that is active in civic affairs. The South Park Business Association has been advocating for South Park businesses since that time.


The SPBA is a business and community resource that deserves support and participation. The Association has always advocated for all businesses in South Park, regardless of the size or type of business – or even whether they were members of the Association. We are not an exclusive organization that only represents one class of business.


The SPBA was created by local business leaders and has served as a voice for South Park business in city, county, state and federal governments.


The SPBA has a legacy of successful advocacy and business support including:

  • An early and strong voice “sounding the alarm” associated with the South Park Bridge closure. Constant and effective pressure has been exerted by the SPBA on public and private leaders alike since the late 1990s, when the issue was raised as a part of annexation discussions between the County and City. The actions by the SPBA and its leadership have been a critical part of the successful efforts to obtain the $96 million necessary to design and rebuild the bridge in a way which benefits all members of the South Park community.
  • An active role in supporting crime prevention. The SPBA sponsored numerous activities to bring law enforcement resources closer to the community.

Other accomplishments include:

  • Led the successful effort to halt adverse, anti-business rezoning initiatives.
  • Sponsored the successful effort to develop a City/County Law Enforcement Joint Operating Agreement.
  • Conducted countless community meetings to inform and coordinate community response to issues including transportation, drainage, zoning, public safety, infrastructure improvements and the South Park Bridge.