South Park Business Association - Competitive Advantage

Diversity: South Park hosts a tremendous range of businesses. Commercial, industrial and retail companies all thrive in this vital, compact neighborhood. Entrepreneurs, sole-proprietors and professionals gravitate to South Park because no other area matches the breadth and depth of companies found in the South Park neighborhood.


South Park also has a broad spectrum of residents and workers. The variety of ages, backgrounds, spoken languages and interests found in South Park all contribute to the strength of the area.


Key Location: South Park sits in the heart of South Seattle and the Puget Sound manufacturing core. The area’s close proximity to the Port of Seattle, Sea-Tac Airport and major roads and highways make it a key center for industry, distribution and commerce.


The South Park Business Association’s Role: South Park businesses enjoy a central location with an unmatched variety of commercial activity and a strong diverse workforce. The South Park Business Association provides a critical voice for these businesses.


The South Park Business Association leads by addressing critical issues such as public safety, transportation mobility, infrastructure and drainage. The Association works to bring business and community leaders together to build a strong economy, collaborate on common issues and to build connections throughout South Park.


South Park offers every business a strong location with a broad, diverse community of workers and residents. The South Park Business Association works hard to strengthen this community and its businesses. The Association strives to keep South Park a safe, pleasant, walk-to-work community.