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Smith Berger Marine, Inc.

7915 - 10th Avenue S., Seattle WA, 98108



Bonnie Warwick | President

Smith Berger Marine’s simple concrete building sits on a scenic South Park street right by the Duwamish River. Inside the building one finds a company with over a century of history … a company with a reputation for creating some of the most long-lasting equipment around.

Smith Berger Marine builds some of the most durable machines used in the marine and salmon processing industries. Many of their fairleads, towing parts and salmon processors still perform under rugged conditions, decades after they were built. These precision devices keep working because of their superior design and construction.

Smith Berger’s employees continue to craft their products with the same skill and devotion to quality. Their highly experienced production team carefully fabricates every part to meet exacting specifications. Smith Berger’s engineering staff can customize any of their products to solve a customer’s unique needs.

The employees at Smith Berger take a special pride in their work, pride in the quality of what they build and how long it can last. The pride of ownership. That’s no hollow claim at Smith Berger because, since 1993, the employees have owned Smith Berger Marine, Inc., through an Employee Owned Stock Plan (ESOP). When a customer brings a project to Smith Berger they can be confident every employee cares about doing it right because the employees are the company.

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